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Daria Hentai Story: "Don’t Sweat the Mall Stuff – Chapter 1"

Don’t Sweat the Mall Stuff

by Kristen Bealer

* * *

“Ewww! How can you eat that for breakfast?!” Quinn had just entered the kitchen, and immediately wrinkled her nose at the slice of cold leftover pizza in her sister’s hands.

“Like this,” Daria replied. She took a large bite, chewed with deliberate slowness, and swallowed with an exaggerated gulp. “Need to see it again?”

“Ugh, no.” Quinn shuddered and went to a cupboard for a box of cereal.

Daria lowered her pizza and looked sideways at Quinn. “Wait. You’re up and moving before noon on a Saturday. I promised Jane I’d go with her to an art show this morning, but what’s your excuse? Was sleep declared unfashionable, or were you just out way past curfew last night?”

“If you must know, I’m going to the mall with the Fashion Club to shop for prom dresses today.”

“Prom? You’re still a sophomore. Two years of shopping seems excessive, even for you.”

Quinn rolled her eyes. “Duh. I’ll be going this year, with one of the senior guys.”

“Of course.” Another moment passed before she spoke again. “Um, you do realize that it’s not even eight o’clock yet and the mall doesn’t open until ten?”

“Gawd, Daria, do you really think I don’t know when the mall opens?” Sitting down at the table with her cereal, she explained, “This is a very important shopping trip. I need time to prepare myself both physically and emotionally for the struggles I’m going to face today.”

It was Daria’s turn to roll her eyes. “We are still talking about shopping, not open warfare, right?”

Quinn smirked. “Like there’s a difference.”

* * *

Two hours later, Sandi’s car pulled into the driveway. Quinn climbed in and greeted the other members of the Fashion Club, already in the car. The girls exchanged friendly chitchat and gossip until the car e Continue reading

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