Daria Sex Story: "Raven Azarath – Chapter 2"

A new girl comes to Lawndale. She calls herself: Raven Azarath. “Daria”-“TeenTitans” Crossover.
Part 2: With Trent meeting her, things become very complicated.

“Ben Breeck: Still, why Raven? Why not, say, Terra orStarfire?”
My response:
Why not! When you got an idea about a Daria-Terra orDaria-Starfire fanfiction, then write them down. Just let me do the Daria-Ravenstuff.

Earthfirewindwater: “Please have Daria become friendswith Raven those two have very compatible personalities. “
My response:
-) Read chapter 2 to find out why that won’t be tooeasy-)

Mike ILLER: “I can’t stand writers who only do what theydo ta’ get a nice little pat on the head and maybe a treat. I ain’t hereto stroke yer ego.”
Reyemile: “I am morally opposed to people so desperatefor attention that they refuse to publish more unless they get reviews/requests.”
My response:
You both are totally right: I am an egoistic, immature,publicity-seeking-scoundrel, who should be punished. I swear that I willnever make any of such outrageous selfish claims again, and I won’t demandany spotlight anymore to compensate for the endless hours of writing andthe weeks of writers-block I’d had.

Dark Weezing: “Raven does have a surname-it’s Roth.”
My response:
Well, yes and no. Raven’s mother was born under the nameAngela Roth. But when she arrived in Azarath, she shed away her past-live,changed her name to Arella and gave birth to Raven. So technically Ravenhas no surname at all.
But I think, if Raven would choose an official surname,she would use the name of the place, where she was raised. Like the orphans,who are named after the street, where they were f found.

To all the other reviews:
Thank you for all the support and those beautiful imaginativethreats you send me.

I want apologize for this very late update. I am reallysorry I couldn’t spend more time on this, but unfortunately there are school-examsand parents who demand I should work in the yard. But rest assured thatI haven’t forgotten about this fanfic and the need for the follow-ups.

I have to admit that vast parts of Daria’s dialog werestolen from fanfiction “Mary Sue” written by “Nobody999”. (A fanfic I recommendany serious fanfiction author.)
Further: The pretty speech, that Raven made in the self-esteemclass was inspired from “Dr. Evil” in the movie “Austin Powers”.

(The Prose Adaptation)


It was morning in Lawndale Daria and Jane were walking on the pavement.Suddenly they spotted Raven, who was just about 50 yards ahead of them.

“Hmm, when we walk a bit faster we could catch up on her.”
Suggested Jane.

“We also could walk a bit slower and loose her out of sight.”
Counter-suggested Daria.

“Hey, yesterday you agreed to join me at some tiresome socialcontact.”

“No, I agreed to join you at some tiresome social contact at pizza.”

Jane rolled her eyes and mumbles quietly.
“I wonder how you’ll act when I get myself a steady boyfriend.”


“Nothing5 Hey! She’s gone.”

Daria gazed at the same direction like Jane, at a spot, where Ravenshould have been when she would follow the laws of physics.
“Huh?5 Yeah.”

Jane glances at the open road, no trees, no cars, no place in whichRaven could have disappeared.
“Not one trace5 As if she’s flied away. Really spooky.”

“Maybe she wanted to avoid some tiresome social contact so earlyin the morning.”
Said Daria dryly.

Jane glared kindly at Daria,
“Have you done some demon worshipping lately?”

“When you are insinuating, that the sudden disappearance of Ravenwas caused by me summoning the “Prince of Darkness”, then I have to disappointyou.”

“Really? Then prove me that you’re not in league with “Ozzy Osbourne”?”
Smirked Jane.

“Certainly: Quinn’s still alive.”

“Damn you, women.”
Said Jane with a smile.

At school Raven was at her locker, in a distance the Fashion Club wasobserving her.

Sandi decides to express some feelings,
“Eww! Does that new girl wear ANYTHING that isn’t blue? Mono-colouris so outworn.”

“But Sandi, certainly you have noticed that her jeans are black.”
Said Quinn.

Sandi talked back in a patronizing tone.
“Dearest Quinn, certainly you have notice that my former statementwas a rhetorical question.”

Meanwhile Stacy shrugged and went into her pre-hyperventilation mode.
“UHHG! Girls, she just has flashed her socks! They are blue too!Blue! Blue!”

Swiftly Quinn held Stacy’s hands.
“Calm down Stacy: Shell-pink on Venetian-red.”

Stacy calmed down and mumbled to herself.
“Shell-pink on Venetian-red! Shell-pink on Venetian-red!”

In the meantime Sandi ignored Stacy and Quinn, and kept on glaring atRaven.
“I mean look at her: Who wears nowadays parkas?”

“Would a parka make me look faaaaaat?”
Asked Tiffany.

Aghast Sandi stared at her.

Intimidated by Sandi’s reaction Tiffany said then.
“Uhhhhhh? That was a rhetorical question too?”

“Tiffany! Parkas are so5”
Sandi looses her temper.
“That’s it! Somebody please, call out the Fashion Police, before anymoreinnocent girls get horrid unimaginable ideas.”

“How about we give her a make over?”
suggested Quinn.

“Good idea! Maybe I5 we can make friends with her.”
Added Stacy.

“Why not?”
Said Stacy after a while. She liked the idea.
“Since it’s the duty of the Fashion Club to help all the unstylishand misguided masses.
Girls let’s move!”

The Fashion Club moved towards Raven. But then Tiffany halted and spokeout a warning:
“Quinn’s cousin and the girl who’s always with her at 3 o’clock.”

The Fashion Club moved away from Raven.

Jane accompanied by Daria, walked up to Raven, who just then closedher locker.

“Hey Raven.”
She said.

“Hey Jane.”

Jane took out sheets of paper from her schoolbag.
“I’ve got a copy of the test result with me.”

“Thank you.”
Said Raven and then she flow through the first 3 lines and mumbledquietly and quickly.
“It’s a quality that will stand us in good stead the rest of our lives.
Look at the mirror and say: You are special. No one else is like you.
There is only what is right for me, because me is who I am.”
Then Raven looked up to Jane and concluded with her deadpan voice.
“Absolute trivial psychobabble. Self-esteem graduation: Here I come.”

“Ah, I see your self-image meter must be on the uptick!”
Smirked Jane.

“Well yes5”
Admitted Raven
“You have just earned yourself a pizza.”

“By the way: May I introduce to you5”
Jane turned around.

They both turned around to see:
Daria must have vanished into the classroom.

“That: Daria. She’s not an imaginative friend of yours, is she?”
Asked Raven with a warm sarcasm.

Jane, feeling like a fool, answered.
“Believe me: Things would be more easier if she were.”

Later at history class, Mr. DeMartino was tutoring as always.
“CLASS! For those who are still enjoying the serenity of dreamLAND: We had a new student joining US yesterday. Please welcome Raven AzaRATH.Raven, please raise your hand. “
Raven did so, and De Martino chuckled evilly.
“Well, as long as you have your hand raised… Perhaps you feel it’sUNFAIR to be asked a question on your first day of my history class.”
While DeMartino asked her, she didn’t move a muscle.
“Raven, can you concisely and unemotionally sum up for us some CONSEQUENCESof the Spanish-American War of 1898?”

Raven gave the answer concisely and unemotionally.
“Militarily speaking, the Spanish-American War of 1898 was so briefand relatively bloodless as to have been a mere passing episode in thehistory of modern warfare. But it catapulted the United States into thearena of world politics, because before the 1890s, most Americans had stubbornlyadhered to the belief, as old as the Revolution itself, that their countryshould remain aloof from World affairs. So after the 1890’s the UnitedStates could use it’s economic and military strength to spread it’s democracyand peace to the rest of the planet.”

Mr. De Martino was stunned, then he blinked and said to her.
“Good GIRL! Excellent answer5 Excuse ME!”

He opened his desk drawer and took out a notebook. He opened it.
Inside there was a little list written by DeMartino.

“Reasons not to kill yourself:

He wrote the name “Raven” under that list.
Then he closed the notebook, put it back on the table and continuedthe lesson,
“AS Raven has shown us, the consequences of the SPANish-American Warwas the first milestone for the USA on it’s way to a superPOWER. Of coursesuch a simplistic view can also be CONTROVERSIAL. So, IS there someonewho would disagree with Raven?”

While most of the class was occupied with daydreaming, Jodie and Charlespondered, what would be so controversial about Raven’s statement. MeanwhileDaria raised her hand.

DeMartino smiled, he enjoys it when students debate about history.
“Yes, Daria?”

Concisely and unemotionally Daria disagreed with Raven.
“Certainly the United States had become a great power by virtueof its prodigious economic growth. But the problem is and was, that US-politicsthought it should act like a super power. Therefore they manifested America’sbelief in its “victory culture”, to allow then the industrial-militarycomplex to hijack US-foreign policy, which led straight into the debacleof Vietnam War.”

DeMartino grinned.
“EXCELLENT! Do you want to counter Raven?”

Raven nodded and countered.
“The police action in Vietnam was not a war. It might have become full-scalewar, if it wasn’t for Ozymandias and Thunderbolt to stop Doctor Manhattan,after Hawkman and Captain Metropolis were able to uncover the conspiracy,which was behind the assassination attempt on President Kennedy5”

She halted after she realized that she had told something very, verystupid.

All stared at her, then Raven said embarrassed.
“Uhm5 I slipped my mind5 sorry5 sleep deprivation.”

Some of the students laughed.

Sceptic DeMartino continued the lesson.
“Yes5 which brings us to the use of comic-superheroes in World WarTwo propaganda.”

Exited Kevin raised his arm.
“Mr. D.! Mr. D!”

DeMartino muttered quietly.
“I just know I’m going to regret it.”
He turns to Kevin.
“Yes KEVIN?”

“Are Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy old enough to have fought inWord War Two?”
He asked politely.

De Martino blinked and then he picked up his notebook again to starein it.

Later after lunch inside the school library of the Lawndale High. Ravensat at the Internet section of the library. She was doing some online research,when Jane passed by.

Jane greeted her.

Raven looked up and greeted back.

Raven kept on working. Jane halted and peered over the shoulder of Raven.

Slightly annoyed Raven said to Jane.
“You’ll get your pizza after I have print out some sites.”

Jane took notice that Raven was visiting a history site,
“Hmm, are you a history whiz?”

Raven gave a sarcastic answer.
“A bit, but I need to brush up some things, before I accidentally putMickey Mouse in the House Un-American Activities Committee.”

“Well, you are just another victim of comic pop-trivia. “
Said Jane, while she peered closer over Raven’s shoulder, to look atthe entry she made in the search machine.
“5 Gotham City? Where is that?”

Feeling intimidated Raven minimized the window.
“Nowhere5 It doesn’t exist5 Uhm Jane, I don’t want to insolent, butis there a reason, why you always walk into me?”

“Mere coincidence. Actually I am on my way to Daria, who sitsat the other side of the hall, so she can avoid to meet you.”


Raven turned around to see Daria at a remote corner of the library,reading a book and pretending to be invisible.

“You have crossed swords with her in history class.”
Said Jane to Raven.

“Yes. She’s certainly a history whiz.”

“Wouldn’t you mind, that I take her with to pizza? I’ll pay forher.”

“Why not5”
Said Raven while she concentrated on the monitor. The computer beeped.
“What’s is wrong now?”

Jane said.
“It’s the Internet filter of the school, you can thank principle Lithat even the word “underpants” is censored.”

“Not anymore.”
Said Raven and typed quickly some lines in, the computer beeps andthe filter is no more.

“Whoa! You’re computer whiz too! You’re not aiming some kinkysites, aren’t you?”
Smirked Jane.

Raven used the search engine to find a site, and turns the monitor towardsJane,
“When you think this is kinky5”

The monitor shows a site. It’s name: “Lionel Owen Group”.

Jane read from the monitor.
“”Lionel Owen Group”
Institute for sci-fi and the paranormal5″

Raven clicked quickly on the print-out button and turned to Jane.
“Why don’t you get Daria, while I wait for those printouts?”

She said and walked off. While she was gone Raven pulled out somethingthat looked like an USB-stick. But in fact it’s a kind of data-crystal,which she plugged in behind the computer to literally suck out the informationfrom the site.

Meanwhile Daria gets visited by Jane.

“Okay. Come on: It’s tiresome social contact time.”
Smirked Jane, but Daria said to her in a wary tone,
“Uhm5 Sure, you go ahead, I want to check on one last book. I’llmeet you at the “Pizza King”5 honestly.”

Without a word Jane grabbed Daria by the collar and pulled her fromthe table.

Later that afternoon inside the Pizza King. All sat at a table and hadsodas with slices of pizza. The atmosphere was very calm.

Said Jane.

Said Raven.

Said Daria.


“Did anyone have seen “King of the Hill” lately?”
Asked Jane.

Daria and Raven answered.


Jane gave Daria a “Have-A-Word-With-Raven” look.

Daria did so and teased Raven.
“Well! I never heard about a “Captain Metropolis” or “Hawkman”before, but it’s a shame they couldn’t prevent Kennedy-conspiracy nutsto jam newsgroups.”

Jane glared at Daria, and Daria gave her an “I-Just-Had-A-Word-With-Raven”look.

Slightly embarrassed, Raven said.
“Yes, it’s just history5
I mean fantasy!”

“Are you perhaps writing stories about superheroes in your spare time?”
Asked Jane.

Slightly cornered Raven answered.
“Well5 yes.”

Jane looked out the window to see Trent.
Raven, who sat with her back against the window, didn’t notice howTrent gave Jane signals.

Daria saw him too.

“Damn, I’ve forgotten to tell him, where I’ve parked his car.I’ll be back.”
Said Jane and walked out the building. Rave turned around to see anempty space at the window. Trent was already gone.

“Who’s Trent?”
She asked Daria.


They got interrupted by Kevin.
“Hey Raven… and Daria. Having pizza together?”

“How could you have ever guest?”
Raven said annoyed.

“Yes Kevin, you should participate in a TV-quiz on your very specialsubject. “The downright obvious.””
Spat Daria sarcastic.

“You know, I’ve got a reputation when it comes to smarts.”
Grinned Kevin.

“That’s so true. Teachers all over the state had to reconsider theircareer after meeting with him.”
Said Daria to Raven.

“Yeah! Do you remember how I cornered Mr. D. in history class?”
Kevin said to Raven.

“Yes5 I can recall your smart performance. I pray I’ll never witnessyou doing something stupid.”
Said Raven dryly.

“Well Raven.”
Grinned Kevin.
“There’s no need to pray, because5”

Brittany joined them. Noticing that Kevin was again talking to Raven,she activated her bitchy girlfriend routine one more time and put her armaround Kevin.
“Kevy! Whom are you talking to?”

“You know them: Daria Morgendorffer and Raven Aschariap.”

Brittany glances only quickly to the girls.
“Okay, nice to meet you.”
Then she tries to pull away Kevin.
“Let’s go to the “Burger Hut”. At once!”

“Hold on babe, we’re talking about my smarts!”
Said Kevin to a more jealous getting Brittany.
“Since when, you have to talk with other girls about your smarts?”

“For a very short small talk?”
Stated Raven.

Daria turned to Brittany.
“Well, there’s no need to be aggravated, Brittany. It will only takea couple of split seconds to cover Kevin’s intellect from any possibleaspect.”

“See! There’s no reason at all to talk with Ra5 I mean: About your intellect.”
Blurred Brittany.

“So true. I would be absolute outrageous.”
Said Raven deadpan to Daria.

“Oh, come on babe. Why can’t I talk a little with other gi5 I mean:About my intellect?”
Blurred Kevin back to Brittany, but she snapped back.
“Why are you suddenly interested in talking about your intellect?”

“Because he’s gained a new level of self-delusion?”
Said Daria deadpan to Raven.

Kevin hesitated.
“Because5 sometimes5 I think you only date me because I’m theQB and a good athlete, but not5”

Brittany realized and smiled.
“Oh Kevin! Do you know the reason why, we’ve never been separated ona school project before?”

“But weren’t you once with Upchuck and I with Dari5”
Said Kevin, while Raven looked odd at Daria and Daria pretended notnoticing Raven’s odd look.

“I mean: The reason why I’m always choosing you as my school projectpartner?”
Said Brittany.

After a moment of thought, Kevin said.
“You mean: Because my brain? Like, because you can learn from me?”

“Of course Kevy!
Said Brittany and hugged him, while she crossed two fingers behindher back.
I think that you’re very smart. “

Kevin and Brittany smiled at each other, and then they walked away,arm in arm.
Daria and Raven faced each other.

“Statistically, someone has to5”
They said in perfect unison.

Both raised their eyebrows and they gave each other an odd look.
The odd look transformed slowly into a mutual smile, and it could havebeen a nice late afternoon5
5 If not Trent had shown up.

“Hey Daria.”
He greeted her, then he looked curiously at Raven.

Raven didn’t answer. She just gazed at him with wide eyes, while a gentleblush started to bloom on her cheeks.

Trent turned to Daria with a “Who-is-she?” smile on his face.

Flatly Daria said to him.
“Uhmm. This is Raven, she’s new at school and she’s having pizzawith us5 I mean with Jane.”

Trent faced Raven.
“Hey Raven.”

Blushing Raven struggled to speak to him.
“Ng5gn5 Hey5 Nice to meet you.”

Aware of Raven behavior, Daria developed a high level of anxiety.

So she pushed her head between Raven and Trent.
“Well Trent. Where have you left Jane? What are you doing here? Shouldn’tyou be on tour in Nebraska?”

Facing now Daria, Trent said to her.
Nebraska was cancelled after Max remembered that he was wanted forlittering in that state.
I’m here waiting for Jane. And she’s fetching now the car from theparking lot at the police station, since I have a problem dealing withauthority.”

He decided to sit down and look at Raven. Daria became very miserable.While Raven goggled at him with gleaming eyes.
“Very interesting.”

Trent stretched while Raven eyes, flew over his body.
“Are you new in Lawndale?”
He asked her.


“Where did you live before?”

“In an other dimension.”
Dazed Raven.

Trent chuckled-coughed.

If you had Anime-Vision glasses on, you could see how Raven’s eyes glitteredAnime-style, while epileptic streams of pink hearts were flying aroundher.

Meanwhile Daria was even more miserable at the age of three, when shediscovered that her parents didn’t want to send her baby-sister Quinn backto the hospital.

She thought while she observed Raven’s behaviour.
That situation automatically activated the unholy jealousy mode ofDaria. So when she saw how Jane drove in Trent’s car up the road5

“Look Trent! It’s Jane! She wants something from you!”
She said to Trent hasty.

Trent turned to the window.

“She was waving at you! It must be something very, very important!”
Lied Daria to him.

Trent stood up.
“Well, then I better meet her outside.
Bye Daria.”
He turned to Raven.
“Bye Raven.”

Still in a daze she said to him.
“Bye Trent.”

Raven’s eyes traced Trent, while he left the building.

Raven had a crush, and Daria knew it.
Daria hated it. She wanted that it went away.
And it suddenly did.
Slowly the expression the dreamy-happy face of Raven changed5
Daria looked out the window to see how Trent was having a harmoniousconversation with Jane. Then Jane laughed and put her arm on Trent’s shoulder.
Daria turned back to Raven and saw how she has changed back to herprevious deadpan attitude.

“Uhm5 Daria? I know it shouldn’t be my business. But are Jane and Trent?5I mean is she and he?”
Frowned Raven.

There was disappointment in Raven’s eyes.
Daria wanted to see more of it.

“Yes, they are.”

“Oh! Aha.”
Said Raven disappointed.

Sad, Raven started to chew around her pizza, while Daria had a gladwarm feeling inside, and it could have been for Daria a nice late afternoon5
5 If not Jane had returned.

“Yo! I’m back.”
She turned to Raven.
“Trent told me he has met you. So what do you think of him?”

“He’s5 well5 you’re lucky to have someone like him.”
Muttered Raven to Jane.

“Yes. Many people say that we’re both some kind of soul mates.”

“Ah, yes5”
Wary Raven asked her.
“How old is he?”


Surprised Raven shoots at Jane.
“And you are 16?”

“Oh, come on! Such age-gaps are very common!”

Daria became petrified.

“Uhm5 yes… But how?”
Asked Raven.

“Blame my parents.”
Smirked Jane.

Raven got confused and kept on asking.
“Yes5 speaking about your parents? What do they say about him?”

“Surely, he’s 21 and still lives at home, but they don’t mind. Theywere once a bohemian like him5
Oh, from next Monday on, they’ll be in Wisconsin for two whole weeks.So Trent and I have the house for us.”

“Uhm5 are you looking forward to it?”

“Not quite, you see: I won’t be able to sleep through a night anymore.”

Daria became more petrified.

Raven went pale.
“5 interesting5”

“I mean, he looses control over himself! Up and down all night long5He can’t keep off the Rock’n Roll for more than twenty minutes, huh?”

Raven was shocked.
“You two5 the whole night!”

“Come on: WE’RE young!”

Daria is even more petrified.

Now Raven blushed a bit.
“Well5 of course5 why not. I don’t want to moralize.”

“Moralize? Hey Raven: You’re not an old-fashioned stick-in-the-mud,aren’t you?”

Now Raven blushed a bit more.

“Anyway. Sometimes it gets wicked when he brings his band andsome fly girls along to get in on the act. And that means no Mr. Sandmanfor me. But at least I get some inspiration for my paintings.”

With a curious mix of blushing and paleness, Raven asked her with aweak voice.
“How many people are there so?”

Jane sighted.
“Ten, twenty, forty5 But what can I do? He’s an artist like me andas an aspiring musician, he’s got his undeniable needs. Although he’s sometimesa little pain in the ass.”

Daria and Raven pulled the longest faces of their lives.

Jane smirked towards Daria.
“You know what: Sometimes Daria comes over to watch!”

Daria and Raven were more than shocked.

“How about joining us?”

Raven was now utterly psyched.
“I got to be alone!”

She stood up and hurried/ran off.

Jane looked confused behind her. She turns to Daria.
“What’s wrong with her?”

“No idea.”
Winced Daria with a high-pinched voice.

Jane started to think. She stated again their previous conversation.Then focused on Daria, who had become as red as a tomato. Jane establisheda horrifying theory.
“Daria! What exactly did you told her about me and Trent?”

Daria said nothing. But she looked down in shame. Jane pulled a face.

“Have you made clear to her that Trent’s my bro’?”
Jane sneered to her.
Daria wished she could die now of embarrassment.

Finally, looking quite petrified, Daria said.

Jane was now angry.
“Don’t “Er” me, Daria! Raven is now thinking, that I’m a girl witha loose reputation. Is this some sort of sick joke? ‘Cos I am not laughing,DA-RI-AH!”

Petrified Daria could only say.

Ashamed, calm and sinister Jane ranted at Daria.
“If you hold anything back, I’ll kill you.
If you bend the truth, or if I think you’re bending the truth, I’llkill you.
If you forget anything, I’ll kill you.
In fact, you’re going to have to work very hard to stay alive.
I hope you understand everything.”
(Daria nodded.)
“Because if you don’t: I’ll kill you.”

Ashamed Daria confesses Jane.
“Uhm, It’s a kind of complicated misunderstanding5
Which is mainly my fault5
How about this deal? We go back to my home and I dig a hole in my yard.When I’m finish, I lay myself in and you can burry me alive.”

Jane put both her hands over her face and muttered.
“Jeez, Daria!”

Later that evening, Raven returned to her average Midwestern-middleclasshome.
Inside her room, still in her school outfit, she talks through a mirror/monitorto another dimension.
In that other dimension (better known by the DC-comic-freaks as thePost-Crisis-Dimension) Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy and Cyborg are sittingon a sofa.

“So it’s true.”
Said Cyborg.

“As I expected: There’re no superheroes in that universe.”
Stated Robin.

“But how do they maintain law and order?”
Asked Starfire.

“Yeah, and how do they kick evildoer’s butt?”
Asked Beast Boy.

Raven said.
“Their police force is seems to be strong enough to maintain rudimentalsecurity and kick evildoer’s butt. Not to mention that there’re also nosupervillains at all.”

“No supervillains!”
Beast Boy was bewildered.

Raven explained unemotionally.
“Yes, most villains of our universe have lived totally different livesin this universe, they have never gained any superpowers and they havefound legal jobs in enterprises, the government and the media.
For example:
Ann Coulter became an author and columnist, instead a crypto-fascist-leaderof the “Fifth column”,
Rush Limbaugh hosts a Radio Show and Hillary Rodham is here the FirstLady.”

“Freaky! Eww! Disturbing!”
Shrieked Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg.

“So it’s a safer world?”
Asked Starfire.

Continued Raven unemotionally.
“There’re far more wars, genocides, pandemics, terrorism, drug abusesand other unspeakable crimes in this dimension, than in ours. You can sayI’m in an evil world. But an evil world, where villains have got theirown websites.”

Raven held up the data-crystal, which she had used in the school library.

“Everything what we need to know about L.O.G..”
Smirked Raven, while the others gasped.
“Its origin, its purpose, its members, its weaknesses.”

With open mouths they watched how Raven uploads the data to their universe.

“”Lionel Owen Group”!”
Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Starfire couldn’t believe it.

“Sounds disappointing, does it?”
Stated Raven.

“Man, that name sucks! No wonder they just call themselves L.O.G..”
Said Cyborg.

Robin watched fascinated at all the data.
“Amazing, we’ll need days to analyze this material5 well done Raven.”

But Starfire was concerned.
“But can we commit to such information? We know that it’s only a parallelentity.”

“Parallel 5 WHAT?”
Asked Beast Boy.

“Only because L.O.G exists in both universes, doesn’t mean they areexactly the same. There can be errors.”
Said Cyborg.

Robin agreed.
“Yes5 considering that this universe is completely different. Raven!You said that neither Gotham City nor Metropolis were ever founded. Sohow can we be sure that there’re any similarities?”

Raven said.
“When we want to survive, we have to take that risk.
Still I have to admit that, even with the absence of superheroes, theirculture is striking parallel to ours. Although there’s far more promiscuityin their society.”

“What’s a promiscusomethingity?”
Asked Beast Boy.

“Promiscuity means the lack of sexual discrimination, so people aresleeping mo5”
Said Cyborg until he pulled a face and halted.

Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Starfire stared at Raven who looked awayfrom the monitor.
“Enough for today. Over and out.”

She switched off the monitor and hurried ashamed away.

The pile of print outs, which Raven made in the school library, werelying on a table. One page showed a picture of a woman in her late thirties.She had auburn hair and glasses. The picture was titled:
“L.O.G. Chief Executive: Amy Barksdale.”


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