Daria Sex Story: "Raven Azarath – Chapter 3"

A new girl comes to Lawndale. She calls herself: Raven Azarath. “Daria”-“TeenTitans” Crossover.
Part 3: The holy trinity decides to go underground. Meanwhile Amy Barksdalehas the spotlight.

“Prophetess Of Hearts: You really wanna see Daria andRaven fight, don’t you.”
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Yes – I do that because I’m a very bad person -)

“Dark Weezing: Nice Watchmen refer and the L.O.G.? Don’tget my hopes up that it’s Ren and Stimpy. “
My response:
Oops, writing about L.O.G., I’ve totally forgotten theuse of that name in the Ren and Stimpy universe. Well, it is only a nameand hasn’t great influence for the rest of the story, nor will George Liquorrise from the death.

“Anonymous: “This was kinda stupid and pointless. It reallywasn’t funny and everybody was completely out of character. Waiting formore!
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Understood ;-)

“Jt( ): Very good story, but whom is Amy Barksdale?”
My response:
She’s an official canon character in the TV-series Daria.Find out her role in this chapter.

I am sorry that I needed a half a year to complete amere chapter. I am very ashamed about it especially due all the wonderfulsupport I have gotten by the reviewers out there. I am very sorry thatI have let you down, you don’t deserve such a sloppy fanfiction writerlike me.
Of course I can defend myself that the last 6 monthsmy personal life was a complete disaster (luckily no deaths were involved).
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So lets for get about the past and look at the future:

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As psychotol has correctly pointed out: the pretty “I’llkill you”-speech was stolen from “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”

(The Prose Adaptation)


After the disaster of yesterday, Daria and Jane seemed to have madeup.
It was a bright morning, and they were on their way to school.
While they were walking on the pavement, they discussed Daria’s misadventuresof the previous day.

Jane said to Daria.
“5 You’re not a bad person. You’re a terrific person. You’re my favouriteperson. But every once in a while you just can be a real c5”

Daria cut in.
“Yes! I know.”
After a beat she added.
“Nice touch of you leaving it up to me to explain my parents why Iwas digging a hole in my yard.”

“Hey. It was your suggestion.”
Smirked Jane.

“Tell that to the blisters on my hand5”
Said Daria and rolled her eyes.
“But to the tricky bit: How we should tell Raven?”

“How YOU should tell Raven. I just want to be the malicious shadow inthe back.”

“In that case, I will construct a series of well-crafted hints to makeher conclude by herself the ties of your family. So she will accept yesterdaysepisode as a blameless misunderstanding.”

“Unless I blow it in her face.”
Said Jane with a playful vengeance. Daria glared at her while she kepton joking.
“And the Malicious Shadow strikes again! Is all hope lost? Who canstop this menace? Find out next week, same time5”

Surprisingly coming from nowhere, Raven greeted them.

Daria and Jane were stunned.

They turned to her.

“Uhm sorry for cutting in5 “
She mumbled.
“May I join you?”

Said Daria and Jane, as they walked on together.

After a while croaked Raven.
“Well Jane5
How’s your brother Trent?”

A mountain fell from Daria’s heart.
Jane was surprised she said.

“It must be interesting to have a brother, who is a lead-singer ofa band, whose website I’ve visited last night.”

Said Jane, thoughtfully.

“Further I’ve looked up the online-class book of the Lawndale High tofind out that you weren’t the only one of your family educated in Lawndale.There is your sister Penny and your brother Trent.”
Said Raven slightly annoyed.

Jane smirked.
“And to be sure you’ve also run a DNA analysis in your secret lab?”

“Excuse me?”

Jane whispered to Daria.
“You are off the hook, amiga.”
To Raven she said.
“Jo! Trent’s my bro. As you have correctly clarified the true relationshipbetween me and him.”

“Uhm5 I was just having some small talk.”

“And perhaps ruling out some misunderstanding?”
Jane teased her.

Daria and Raven answered in unison.
“I think there was no misunderstanding.”

“Aha, so I see.”
Said Jane sharply while realizing, that all her taunting opportunitieswere slipping away.
So we all do pretend now, that certain things didn’t happened yesterday?”

Daria and Raven asked in unison.
“What happened?”

Jane rolled her eyes and muttered.
“The Malicious Shadow has been beaten, but she’ll return.”
She spoke then to Daria and Raven.
“Okay let’s establish having secrets from each other5”

Raven yawned out loud. VERY LOUD!

“5 Sorry.”
Said Raven, who became aware of her rude gesture.
“5Sleep deprivation.”

“From capering around with the children of the night?”
Daria suggested sarcastic.

“Actually I was scouting Lawndale’s sewers.”
Raven said sarcastic the truth.

Said Daria unbelievingly while Raven yawned again.

Then you’re a lucky girl. Our first class is science.
Told her Jane.

Asked Raven.

Later in the science class of Ms. Barch (a self-proclaimed men-hater)it was quite save for her to take a nap. She wouldn’t miss anything todaysince Kevin Thompson (high school star-quarterback and intellectual wasteland)was presenting his science project towards the class.
He had a couple of essay cards in his hands and behind him, on thechalkboard, was written: SEA STARRS.
Ms. Barch was groaning quietly, while Kevin told the class his uniqueview of underwater sea life.

“5 you might ask now how a sea stars can sleep under a stone.Well they can make furniture out of sand, beds, chair, tables, picturesand TV sets5
Ha, ha! Just kidding. You surely can’t make TV sets out of sand. Itwould be too dangerous to run them under water, unless they5″

Kevin noticed that Raven was sleeping at her desk in the back, he gotdistracted and turned to Ms. Barch.
“Uhm Ms. Barch. I don’t think that everyone is benefiting from my essay5”

Barch was grinning her teeth.
“On the contrary!”
She nodded towards the sleeping Raven.
“She’s giving it all the attention it deserves!
Now finish your pathetic piece of your so-called scientific school-work!”

Kevin sighted and looked back at his essay cards.
“Now sea stars like to hunt jelly fishes, but not for food but fora sport. For food the like to go to the Krabby Patty5”

Barch interrupted him.
“Kevin, a little advice5 for the rest of your essay.
“Or you’ll regret the day you was born as a man.”

Intimidated Kevin went through his essay cards, till he came to thelast one.
“Uhm5 End.”
He said.

Barch was calm again.

Kevin was disappointed, since he expected more for something he actuallyput some effort in.
“Tartar Sauce!”
He muttered.

The door opens and Principle Li stepped into the classroom.
“Ms. Barch I’ve just been informed that there’s a state-wide ecological-scienceschool competition.”

Barch rolled her eyes.
“And you have just signed us in.”

“Yes and I’ve just signed your class in! For the glory of the LawndaleHigh!”

Jodie held up her hand.
“We’re already in a competition.”

Principle Li was surprised.
“What? Which competition?”

“The “Children of the Earth Harmony Project”5 and the “Pure until MarriageContest”, and the “Youth for Free Tibet Event”.”
Counted Jodie.

Upchuck held up his hand.
“”Getting Gay With Teens”.”

Brittany held up her hand.
“The “Rainbow Monkey’s Quest for Smoke Free Lungs”.”

Daria held up her hand.
“The “National Rifle Association’s Tournament for Sensible Gun Care”.”

Kevin held up his hand.
“5 and the “Spongebob Squarepants Competition for Dolphin FriendlyTuna”.”

BARCH: (to Kevin)
“Shut up! And go back to your seat.”
Barch hissed to him.
“I think our principle got the picture.”

Principal Li was annoyed.
“Well I have to admit we have got some competitions going on.”

“Some? There’s a multitude out there! And who has to supervise the wholeclass?”
Ranted Barch even more annoyed.

Meanwhile Raven was dreaming. She found herself in the sewers of Lawndale.She was looking at a carved into stone on a wall, she was thinking veryhard.

“There is no way to go through without setting off the alarm5”
She said to herself.
“Neither from here, or from here5
I need to be at two places5
I need a diversion5
I need SOMEONE to be a 5 DIVERSION!”

Meanwhile in reality, Principle Li tried to persuade Ms. Barch.
“How about only one tiny group of students?”

Barch rolled her eyes.
“Yes5 but only for a new plastic coffee filter holder in the teachersroom.”

Principle Li said reluctantly.
“Agreed! All right! Just make sure to take someone who still isn’tworking for the glory of the Laaawwwnnndale High. One new student perhaps5”

Barch and Li realized and looked in the direction of Raven, who justin that moment shrugged up from her dream.

Raven said loud and triumphant from figuring out a problem in her dream.

“That’s the spirit! I like your ambition Ms. Azarath.”
Said Principle Li.

Feeling stupid due her previous outburst and not knowing what was goingon, Raven pretended she was a part of the wall.

“You can take over Ms. Barch.”
Li left the classroom, while Barch addressed to the class.
“Okay who wants to work with Raven?”

Upchuck tried to raise his hand, but in that moment (unseen by anyoneexcept Raven) a dark power bolt hit his chair away. He fell flat. A couplestudents laugh at Upchuck’s sudden misfortune.

Barch asked.

Now Kevin tried to raise his hand, but in that moment (seen by everyoneexcept Raven) Brittany throw a book at his head.

“None? Right! I shall just pick those student who have got the leastextracurriculars this year.”
Sneered Barch.

Daria and Jane glanced at each other, with a “you-can’t-escape-the-system”look.

Later at Lunchtime in the cafeteria. Raven sat with her lunch aloneat the table. She read a brochure of the ecological-science competitionshe was now in.
Daria passed her with her tray. She hesitated to sit beside her. Butseeing that Jane was about to come to Raven, she just gave in and sat down.

Said Daria to Raven.


“How is it waking up in the wonderful world of corporate extracurriculars?”

“I’ve waked up at far worst places.”

“Worst than extracurriculars?”
Daria thought and then she suggested.

Raven was surprised that Daria could have guessed it.

Jane walked with her food tray up to them. Speechless she sat down besidethem and gives Daria an evil “now-look-who-is-having-some-voluntary-tiresome-social-contacts-time”smirk.

“Aren’t you dying to make a slur?”
Said Daria to Jane. She replied
“Just wait! There are numerous variants I’ve got to go through in mymind first.”

“Hey Jane.”
Greeted Raven.

“Hey! How do you feel to be part of a holy trinity?”
Said Jane.

Daria and Raven were poking around in their food.
“It’s only for school.”
They said.

“That’s creepy!”
Marked Jane.

Daria and Raven looked up.
“Excuse me?”

“Hey! You’re doing it again.”

Daria and Raven asked.

“Saying the same things at the same time.”

Asked Daria.

Disagreed Raven.

Jane said to them.
“I reckon that great minds think alike5”

Jane, Daria and Raven in perfect unison.
“5but fools seldom differ.”

The three raised their eyebrows and they gave each other an odd look.The odd look would have transform slowly into a triplex smile, but technically,just they have insulted each other. So they decided to poke around in theirfood, until somebody would change the subject.

Meanwhile they were watched by two villainous and six bewildered eyes.
It was the Fashion Club at the popular table.

Disgusted Sandi.
“Are you seeing that? Those geeks are sitting now together!
This is the beginning of the end. The dark forces have gathered, andI’m not talking of Goth, that luckily was over when Andrea picked it up.No, this is far more worst.”

Asked Quinn annoyed.
“They’re only having lunch together.”

“For your information Quinn, I feel a disturbance in the Fashionsense.
Today they’ve infested the cafeteria and tomorrow: Waif magazine. Theymust be stopped.”

Quinn rolled her eyes.
“They’re only three.”

“That’s one to much.”
Said Sandi.
“And she’s still wearing that icky blue parka.”

Stacy started to mumbles nervously to herself like yesterday.
“Shell-pink on Venetian-red! Shell-pink on Venetian-red!”

However Tiffany was still fascinated about Raven’s Parka.
“But it does suit her.”

Shrieked Stacy.

Sneered Sandi.

“Uuuhhh5 rhetorically?”
Said Tiffany.

“We need more information about that new girl. We need some intelligence!Quinn would you give us the pleasure.”
Said Sandy to Quinn.

Reluctantly Quinn said.
“All right I’ll spin the gossip mill and I’ll get Joey, Jeffy, andJ..ack to ask out Kevin about her. I heard from Millicent who has seenhow he was talking to her at the Pizza King.”

“Good idea!”
Squeaked Sandi. But then she hesitated.
“But only Kevin? That’s not enough.
Better get them also to beat out some information of Upchuck. You knowthat dirty sicko made a list of all the schoolgirls cup sizes!”

“Upchuck? Eww…”
Disgusted Tiffany.

“That pervert!5”
Shouted Stacy, then she asked calmly.
“Is that list accurate?”

“Sandi? Aren’t we overdoing it? They’re only5 “geeks” generally spoken.So why do we have to bother about them?”
Said Quinn.

“Dear Quinn5”
Sandi lectured her fellowship in a patronizing tone.
“A women’s strength flows from the Fashion Sense. But we have to beaware of the Geek Side. Sloppiness, eeriness, aggression, they are theGeek Side of the Fashion Sense. Easily they flow and join you in a crisis.And when you once start to flush yourself down, it will forever dominateyour destiny, it’ll consume you, as it did Quinn’s cousin!”

Quinn sights out loud. However Tiffany was amazed.
“Quinn’s cooouuusin! Is the Geek Side stronger?”

“No, no, no. Quicker, easier, more seductive.”
Replied Sandi.

“But how are we to know the Geek Side from the from the Fashion Sense?”
Asked Stacy.

“You’ll know when you are calm and at peace. A women uses her FashionSense for knowledge and defence, never for attack.”
Quoted Sandi.

Annoyed Quinn said to her.
“Sandi! Didn’t you just ask me, I should get information beatenout of Upchuck?”

Sandi ignored Quinn’s tone of voice.

After school, later that afternoon, Daria, Jane and Raven were at theLawndale Mall. They talked while walking past the shops.

Jane made a suggestion.
“I’ve got an idea for the science competition: We let Daria decidethe theme and give her total control.”

Daria got suspicious and asked.
“Should I take this as a compliment?”

Jane smirked and answered.
“Yes, because you can do then everything. I don’t see why we 3 shouldsuffer, when all the work can be done by one.”

Raven, still thinking of her idea she had in her dream, said.
“I’ve got an other suggestion5 No it’s pointless.”

Jane said.
“Come on speak it out.”

“No it really pointless. I shouldn’t bother you.”

“How should we know if it’s pointless if you won’t tell us.”

“Just forget it. It’s an absolute pointless suggestion which will berejected from the moment it’ll be spoken out.”

“Just say it!”

Daria addressed to Raven.
“It’s pointless to resist Jane Lane, who has pinpointed a subject.From my point of view you should come to the point.”

Raven sights, and suggested in an innocent tone.
“We can collect spores, moulds, and fungus5”
Daria and Jane made pointless faces.
“5 inside the sewers of Lawndale.”

Daria was about to agree Raven’s point of pointlessness. When she realizedhow Jane was beaming at her.

Jane said.
“HEY! YEAH! Now that would be so cool.”

Raven was surprised about Jane’s reaction.

Daria asked.
“Jane, can you explain your sudden interest in fungus situated in asub-terrestrial environment?”

Jane replied.
“Don’t you know what we can find out down there?”

“Never mind finding something out. You will first smell some things,I won’t mention before dinner, that’s for sure. “

“Maybe we can discover the5 Crypt of Lawndale.”

Raven’s eyes widened. She asked herself how Jane could know about that.

Daria rolled her eyes and spites,
“Not that urban legend rubbish!”

Raven decided to mock unknowingness when she asked Jane.
“What do you mean with the Crypt of Lawndale?”

Jane told her a story.
“The secret history of Lawndale. Back in the 1940ties, during WorldWar Two. A secret government organization built a huge underground sciencelaboratory. They codenamed it the Crypt. But the people working there,needed somewhere to live, so they build Lawndale on top of it. And buildinga whole new town was also a good as a cover-up for all the undergroundworking. Inside the Crypt they were testing new weapons, but then in the1960ties, there was a terrible accident. They gave up whole project andsealed up the Crypt. But the town on the surfaced remained and prosperedin its dullness.”

Raven pretended to be impressed, Jane knew half of the truth, she said.
“Wow. What do you know about the accident?”

Daria answered.
“Jane is just exaggerating. It’s only an urban legend. Lawndale wasn’tbuild from scratch to test weapons. Actually they wanted to build the world’sfirst Super-Collider but they wasted millions in digging holes and fillingthem with concrete. In the end they scraped the program to pay the VietnamWar, the Space Race and Jackie Kennedy’s wardrobe . There’s no such thinglike weapon testing, a terrible accidents and a Crypt underneath of Lawndale.”

Again Raven pretended to be impressed, Daria knew the other half ofthe truth.

But Jane contradicted Daria.
“As far I know they were testing biological warfare down there. Fora long time Lawndale was like Racoon City in Resident Evil!”

Daria deadpanned.
“Yeah, I think we should better make now a list of people we wouldbite when we get the T-Virus.”

Jane smirked at Daria.
“I’ve already made such a list. And your name is at a prominent place.”
She turns to Raven,
“So, what do you think? Want to be included on the list too?”

Raven yawed out loud. Her tiredness had build up again inside of her.She apologises.

Daria mentioned sarcastically.
“You’ve heard more interesting stories, haven’t you?”

They stopped walking. Raven noticed that they have stepped in frontof a coffee shop.

Raven goggled at the people inside having their caffeine. She turnsto Daria and Jane.
“You don’t mind I get some5”

Daria cuts in.

Raven corrected her.
“Herbal tea.”

Daria muttered.

Before Raven went in she turns around and looked in the eyes of Dariaand Jane.
“So you agree to go with me underground?”

Jane replied.
“Sure, you can count on me and Daria”

Daria’s jaw nearly dropped.
When Jane wanted to follow Raven into the coffee-cafe. Daria held herback, and said to Raven
“You don’t mind, that we wait outside.”

Raven muttered.

Daria waited until Raven disappeared inside. Then she turns at Jane.
“Jane, on a word. What have you done?”

Jane joked.
“Hey, it will be fun. We may encounter the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

Daria said to her.
“Don’t you mean: Sewage Mutant Nasty Turds?

“Come on amiga! Where’s your spirit for adventure?”

“You mean that finally after all those years there’s a breeze of excitementin this quagmire of suburbia.”


Daria glared at Jane,
“Do you ever smelt breezes down the sewage?
We just met Raven three days ago, and now you’ve just made a commitmentto go with her into the sewer.”

“It’s a joke. She knows we probably wouldn’t.”

“Yes, but she doesn’t know that we probably wouldn’t.”

“She probably does.”

“Yes, she probably knows that we probably wouldn’t. But she can’tcertainly know.”

“She probably certainly knows that we probably wouldn’t.”

“Yes, but even though she probably certainly knows that we probablywouldn’t, she doesn’t certainly know that, although we probably wouldn’t,there is no probability that we certainly would.”
Said Daria tensed.

Jane sighted.
“Give me a minute for good counter.”

There was a pause, and then Jane said,
“Ah yes: Bla-bla-bla!”

Daria replied.
“That wasn’t a good counter.”

“That was a polite counter5 otherwise I just would have said, that youshould shut the f5”

In that moment Raven walked out with herbal tea in a paper cup.
She said to them.
” I’ve seen an out-door-surviving-equipment shop over there. We needtorchlights, walkie-talkies, rubber boots, robes, swimming vests, gas masks5Don’tworry about the costs, it’s my threat.

Angrily Daria mutters to Jane.
“Yep, even if she knows that we probably wouldn’t, but there was stillprobability that you certainly would.”

Jane mutters back.
“On a second thought there are a lot of spores, moulds, and fungusbehind Trent’s cupboard5”

Aware of Raven behaviour towards him yesterday, Daria said.
“I think the sewer’s just fine.”

Later that evening, in Raven’s room inside an average Midwestern-middleclasshome.
Raven tried to communicate with the other dimension. But instead ofshowing with the Titans, the monitor just showed the Teen Titans TrademarkLogo. A female computerised voice spoke to Raven.
“This is the Teen Titans Tower.
The Titans are momentary unavailable.
Please leave a message after the beep.

Raven sighted and spoke.
“It’s me Raven. You are probably out there tracking down L.O.G.. Wellthere’s nothing new I can tell you, except I found some frie5 people whowill help me to explore the crypt of Lawndale.
And there’s an other thing you better need to know. I’m getting a strangefeeling about this dimension. I have expected booby-traps, agents and secretobserving devices5″
Raven sighted again.
“But the only secret cameras, I found were set up at high school bya paranoid principle. The point is, that this dimension is far more lessdangerous than I have suspected5 But I still have to find out more tomorrow5
Till then.”
She made a pause.
“Take care of yourselves.”
Said Raven and cut of the line.

Raven walked to the pile of print outs, she made yesterday and lookedthoughtfully at a page containing the picture of the L.O.G. Chief Executive:Amy Barksdale.
Her auburn hair5 She had a strange feeling that she saw that face before.

It was a dark night in a disbanded industrial zone.
A lone figure in a raincoat and a wide hat approached a huge emptyhall. Inside there was only one source of light. A lonely bulb danglingin the air. He walked to it. Examining the light.

Suddenly a woman in the shadow spoke up:
“Slade Wilson. Also known as Deathstroke the Terminator!”

The lone figure in the raincoat took of his hat and revealed a well-knownmask, the mask of Slade.

He replied,
“X5 also known as “Ten”

The woman joined him in the light under the lonely bulb.
She was a woman with auburn hair in her late thirties. She wore a darkbattle suit covered by a grey cloak. Behind the cloak on her back was asword attached. A katana.

Slade continued with his cold voice.
“Or should I better name you: “Zehn”.”

There was a shade of irritation in her eyes.

“Zehn” said.
How could you have ever guessed.

“I haven’t guessed my dear Zehn, I know.”
Said Slade.
“I k-n-o-w! The first chairman of L.O.G called himself “Eins”. That’sGerman for “One”. You are the tenth member so you must be “Zehn”. And Iknow a lot of other things too.”

“And should buy your silence, I presume.”
Zehn asked him.

“I can do with an other robot army.”

She smirked as if he had told a bad joke, and she walked around Slade.
“To lose one robot army may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose twomakes you look carelessness.”

“I know what L.O.G. means5”
Said Slade coldly.

“You mean you have figured out that it has got nothing to do with Renand Stimpy?”
Said Zehn sarcastic.

“I know the purpose, the bases, the connections, the hide-outs5 Howdo you think I found you in the first place?”

Zehn tried to remain calm.

“In that case we should better continue this business matter in a moresuitable environment.”
She said.

The place where they were standing suddenly sunk. They stood on an elevatorgoing down.
They travelled downwards through the dark while the hole on top closedagain.

In a business tone Zehn kept on talking to Slade.

“What for an robot army you have in mind?
Are you thinking of the Millenium series?
I’ve sold 3 dozens in retro-sixties look to Mad Mod the other week.
Or the NT series?
Vandal Savage and Brother Blood swear to it.
Or maybe you just want to build them yourself together with the home-package-edition.
Lex Luthor’s evil twin brother was very found of it.

“The best will be sufficient.”

“In that case I give you those I sold to the CIA for their undercoveroperation in Luxembourg.”

Slade looks at her. She sights.

“All right you get the best of the best. Those that Barbra Streisand’sgot.”

While the elevator made its way down. Metallic sounds were audible.
There was a blade cutting through steel. Slade turned his head to seewhere they came from.

Below the elevator, inside that vast space underground, there was atraining park.
Several dummies were cut into tiny slices by a girl wielding a katana.She had round thick glasses.
She had naturally auburn-brown hair flowing around while she trustedher katana into a block of ice, separating it neatly into two pieces.

“She’s not for sale.”
Said Zehn behind him.

“Who’s she?”

“My niece. Finally something you couldn’t have found out.”

She was dressed like her aunty in a dark battle suit and a grey cloak.
She moved around like in the movie: “Kill Bill”.

The elevator arrived at the ground.
Slade watched her with fascination how she peeled with one cut theskin off a dummy.

Zehn noticed Slade interest in the girl. She said.
“Oh, dear, I know this face of yours: It’s your “I-think-I-found-my-apprentice”face.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Zehn smirked.
“It’s so difficult to get good apprentices these days. But there’snothing better than your own kin.”

Slade said nothing.

“Although you should never put far too much trust in your own bloodrelatives.”

Slade still said nothing.

“You must know! Since your own sons5
… Oops! I shouldn’t have mentioned them.”

“Yes5 you shouldn’t.”
Said Slade sinister. He turned away from her. Zehn’ face frowned slightlywith suspicion.

Meanwhile the last dummy became unrecognisable. The girl placed hersword away on her back.

“Let’s meet my niece, shall we?”
She said.

They moved towards her.

“May I introduce you to Slade.”
Said Zehn to her niece.

“Mr. Slade Wilson, Also know as Deathstroke – The Terminator.”
The niece greeted him with a monotone voice.
“I’ve read the colour supplements in the newspapers.”

“Who hasn’t?”
Said Slade, slightly amused.

Behind Slade’s back, Zehn made a gesture to her niece. She ran her indexfinger through her own throat.

“The apprentice of Zehn. Your name must be then: “Eleven”5 in German,am I right?”

“Yes. It’s Elf. Sounds amusing doesn’t it?”
She croaked.

Standing behind Slade. Zehn silently started to pull out her katana.

“I don’t find it ludicrous at all, my dear.”
He ensured her.

“Thank you. I do not find my name remotely funny either.”
Said Elf noticing that Zehn had pulled out her katana.
“But people who do5 end up dead.”

“Very witty my niece.”
Said Zehn.

Slade turned around and saw Zehn pointing her sword at his throat.

“Since when are you doing business like this?”
He asked unimpressed.

Zehn menaced him.
“You know there’s something special about Slade’s personality. Noteverybody knows about his sons. And that’s good so, because it would beill-advised to mention them in front of him. He would then go very quietand his mask would start wobbling, his voice would swell up and he’d getvery, very violent and claim that he had killed J. Edgar Hoover.”
Slade peered over his shoulder. Elf didn’t had pulled out her katana.
“To make things short. Either you have visited an extended anger managementtreatment or you are not Slade. The first alternative is so unlikely thatyou understand while we’ll have to slice you into tiny pieces.”

He made a jump away from Zehn. In that moment Elf pulled out her sword,and if it wasn’t for the unbridled speed and agility of the target, a humanface would lie on the floor. But instead only Slade’s mask rotated on theground.

The light revealed the face of Robin, who got out his retractable bo-staffto counter swiftly the attacks of the two fighters. His staff did a goodjob protecting him for 2 seconds before it broke apart from the fierceslashing of two katanas.

Green starlight bolts scattered the place.
An Alarm went off.
A computerized voiced called out:
Starfire kept on shooting distracting the aunty and her niece fromRobin until they managed to counterattack by whacking back the bolts jedi-stylewith their swords.

Starfire did some evasive action until a sonic cannon shot across thehall, forcing Zehn and Elf to duck down. They would have then continueto attack, when not in that moment a green moth would have turn itselfinto a green stegosaurus.

The Zehn and Elf stood back to back with their katanas, while they weresurrounded by Starfire, Cyborg, Beastboy (as stegosaurus) and finally Robin.

You know what I use to say in this situation?
The aunty asked her niece.
Yes, the phrase rhymes with “clucking bell”.
Said the niece, while Robin shouted:
“Teen Titans GO!”


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