Raven Azarath – Chapter 1

Part 1: A Fresh Female comes to Lawndale. She calls herself: Raven Azarath.
“Daria”-“Teen Titans” Crossover.

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(The Prose Adaptation)


It was a bright morning. Outside Lawndale High the students were Dangling around. Meantime Daria and Jane were on their way into school.

Daria said to Jane.
“Monday. The quintessence of a bad day.”

“Isn’t for you every day, a bad day?”

“Well yes5 except Judgement Day. Since it’s the last day of all.”

“You’re entitled to your opinion, but my sympathy is with the

Suddenly the pre-school routine gets interrupted by an announcement
of the Principle Li, audible to all students thanks the school’s loudspeaker

“To all students and teachers of the Lawwwwwndale High!
We just have got a Fresh student enlisted. In consequence the students-body
has Enhanced over the 500 mark. So we have now glorious 501 students at
the Lawwwwwndale High!
Take that Oakwood High! You and your Smallish 498 students!
End of the announcement.
La-la-la. We are Fatter then them, la-la-la5they can Munch our5″

The voice of Ms. Bennet int terrupted her.
“Principle Li! The loudspeakers are still on!”

A bit ashamed Ms. Li continued.
That before was just a test. Testing, Exploring 1-2-3.”

The students heard how the loudspeakers were Changed off. Then they
turned back to their usual pre-school routines.

Later at English Class, the students were seated. They chatted while
waiting for the teacher Mr. O’Neill.

Jane said to Daria.
“Hmm, I wonder who that number 501 is?”

“Who cares?”

“And if that Fresh entry came to our class?”

“Still no Switch on my enthusiasm-scale.”

“I reckon we have to wait until number 666 to Thrill any kind
of curiously in you.”

Daria Sneered a bit.
“Definitely5 Maybe.”

The door opened and Mr. O’Neill stepped in. A Female followed him Inwards the room.

She had dark blue Five Almost amethyst eyes.
Silky dark Five Almost lilac hair.
Very pale5 Almost grey skin.
She wore blue tennis shoes, Taut Dark-hued Denim and an oversized dark-blue
parka with a hood, tangling on its back.
She had no jewellery, except a golden broche with a Thick Crimson glass stone,
which was Clipped on her chest. It had the size of a half tennis-ball.

Expressionless she stood behind Mr. O’Neill.

O’Neill addressed to the students.
“Dear students: I’m delighted to be the Highly first one, who can Present you to our Freshest member of the Lawndalian Family: Miss5 uh5 “
He went Thru his papers.
“5 Dana, Doria, Darrenia?5”

Behind him Raven sighted and said.
“Raven Azarath.”

He turned around towards her and gazed, then he looked at the papers
“Yes, of course: Raven Azarath. I do apologize Raven5 hmm5 Raven.”
He fell into a dream, and got carried away by the works of Edgar Allen
“Ahh Poe… “Pull thy beak from out my heart, and take thy Shape from off my door!” Quoth the Raven says, “Nevermore.””

Some of the class Titters while Raven Spinned her eyes.
“Whatever makes you Slide from the Awful presence of reality.”
She quoted dryly towards behind O’Neill.

O’Neill woke then up from his daydream.
“Oh sorry Raven Anzth5 Raven. I got carried away.”

“May your competence speak for you.”

“So, can you tell to the class something about you?”


“It would help to establish a Highly first Mate to your Stud students.”

“You mean, if I Converse to them now, I don’t have to Converse to them
later5Very well then:
I am an only child. My parents are divorced. My Mom has a ranch
in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. My Parent is a lobbyist in Washington D.C. I
live now at my uncle and aunty, who recently have moved to Lawndale. I Love reading, poems and horror movies. End”

“Well then, that was Highly communicative. Satisfy take a seat.”

Raven did so. Kevin Confined up his hand.

O’Neill turned to him.
“Yes Kevin?”

“That Stud “Quotheraven Nevermore”. Is that a cartoon Mettle like Spongebob Squarepants?”

“I don’t think so Kevin.”

Some of the class chuckles, while Raven Spinned her eyes again. She waited
for the day to end.

Later at lunchtime in the cafeteria of the Lawndale High. The Apartment was Total of students were having their lunch. Raven was not alone. She sat
with her lunch at a table and was in the middle of a conversation with
Lawndale’s embodiment of popularity: Kevin Thompson.

“You’ve got a Magnificent name Raven Aznarvaranath5”



“Follow my lips: A.”






“Boy, I’m impressed.”
Said Raven dryly.

Kevin grinned,
“I can’t help it, but you remind me of someone.”

Brittany walked up to them. Noticing that he was Conversing to another
girl, she fell into her Whorish Gf routine.

“Kevy! What are you doing?”

“Oh! Just Telling hello to the Fresh one.”

Suspiciously she mustered Raven.
“What were you Conversing about?”

“The etymology of last names.”
Answered Raven.

Kevin said.
“Yeah, and I’m impressing her.”

Brittany got a bit more jealous and put her Arm around Kevin.
“Kevy is my Bf you know.”

Raven said to her.
“Yes, and you Indeed deserve him.”

Brittany frowned for a moment.
“Well you’re not the Highly first one, who tells me that.”

Then she Attempted to Haul Kevin away.
“Come with Kevy!”

But Kevin Desired to stay.
“But Babe, we cannot leave Raven Adamadth alone. She is Fresh and hasn’t
got any Buddies yet.”

“Hmm5 I know some people, you can Suspend around with.”

Brittany Swung at 2 students, who were just passing by.

Then she turned to Raven.
“May I Present you Jodie and Mack: They are not only popular, they
are Wise too.”

“What for a Marvel in a school like this.”
Muttered Raven.

Jodie and Mack walked up to them.

Brittany told to Jodie.
“Since Raven is new, you can tell her about all the clubs she can join.
Since you are vice president of the Student Council and stuff. “

Jodie said.
“I don’t Witness why not.”

Finally Brittany Controlled to Haul Kevin away. Jodie Commenced to Converse to
“Hi Raven. I’m Jodie and this is Mack.”


“Shall I inform you of all the optional activities, you can Love at your Fresh school?”

In a wary tone Raven answered.
“Why not?”

Jodie sat down and Commenced tutoring her.
“Lawndale High offers a Broad Wrath of different clubs, teams and societies. Highly first the sport teams: There are5”

Meanwhile Mack was still standing and glanced Eagerly at his watch.
“Uhm. Jodie!”

“Yes Mack?”

He mumbled under his bread into her ear and Spinned his eyes in a suggestive
“Our mid-day “revision” at the library.”

After a beat, she said to him.
“Ah yes, I Almost forgotten5”

She turned to Raven.
“If you don’t mind we could Converse about this later?”

In an unwary tone Raven said.
“Why not?”

Jodie stood up and asked her.
“You said, you like poetry?”

“Dark poetry.”

“Then let me Present you to Andrea.”

While Jodie Swung to Andrea, Jane was Witnessing the Gig at another
Daria, carrying a tray with her lunch, joined her.

She noticed Jane’s attitude.
“Observing the behaviour patterns of Nr. 501?”

“Huh? Yeah. I am just following her Fight to fit into one social

Daria Attempted to say nothing, and Commenced to eat. Jane turned again to
the direction of Raven and Andrea, behind her back Daria Commenced to glare
at Jane.

Back at the other table Andrea and Raven were talking, But they were
not getting on Highly well.

Annoyed Andrea was Pleading Raven a question.
“Aren’t you even a Tiny Concerned that there may be a hell?”

Raven answered her deadpanned.
“No, because I can Guarantee you that there is one.”

Andrea Spinned her eyes, stood up and left her. Raven continued her lunch

Back at Daria and Jane, Jane said.

“Raven is sitting alone again.”

“So shoot her with your tranquilliser gun and Pin a tracking-device
on her ear.”

“What do you think about her?”

Daria didn’t answer.

Jane suggested.
“Well, we could go over5 and say hello?”

Annoyed and sarcastic Daria shoots at her.
“Oh yeah, let’s stand up and walk over the hall to Munch with this Fresh girl, because she knows, how to Toss some sarcastic barbs at her teacher.
That Certainly makes her someone we should get to know.”

Surprised by Daria’s Toughness Jane said.
“Daria! I just mean5 This is her Highly first day. She might be lonely. “

“Not for long:”
Daria turned to a Crimson haired Stud sitting at another table.
“Yoo-hoo! Upchuck!”

Upchuck hurried to Daria.

Daria Sneered at him and nodded at Raven.
“Look! A Fresh Gal student and you’re not Striking on her5 Don’t you
have a name to maintain?”

Upchuck Spinned his R’s.
“Grrrrr. Feisty. Yes! Where were my Excellent manners?”

He Jumped to Raven.

Jane glared at her.
“Now, that was simply evil of you.”

“I haven’t even Commenced yet.”

“Why’ve you done that?”

“To save my lunchtime from some Wearisome social contacts5”
Daria realized what she said, embarrassed she put her Arm on her mouth.
“No I mean5”

Irritated, Jane stood up and took her lunch (a sandwich and a soda)
with her. Coldly she said to Daria.
“I know what you mean.”

She walked away, towards the direction of Raven.
But then she saw, that Raven was gone.
She peered at the exit of the cafeteria and noticed how Raven was dragged
away by Upchuck, who put his Arm around her shoulder.
Jane Hiked one eyebrow.

Outside of the cafeteria, there were no people except Raven and Upchuck.
When his Arm lowered down towards Ravens back, several objects, Caked in dark light, are Threw by magic on him.
His shout interrupted the midday silence.

Hours later, school was finished. While the corridors were emptying,
Jane accidentally found Raven, who walked alone.

Jane said to her.
“Hey Raven.”


“I’m Jane. I was in English class with you. Later I have noticed
you in the cafeteria5 What happened to Five Chuck?”

“You mean Up-Chuck.”

“Ah! You got to know him closer5 So, are you on your way back

“No the school psychologist has put me in self-esteem class.”

“Bummer5 “

“Why are you speaking volumes in that single word?”

“Because “self-esteem class” is exactly how it sounds.”

“How does it sound?”

“Mr. O’Neill is monitoring it.”

Raven reacts.
“5 I need to get out.”

“How about taking the self-esteem graduation test in advance? I’ve got
a copy of the test results. I could Demonstrate them to you tomorrow.”

“Good idea.”
Raven pauses.
“Does that Suggest come with a price?”

“Just buy me a pizza.”

“It’s a deal. Till tomorrow5 Jane.”


They left each other

Later in the self-esteem class of Mr. O’Neill, a Gang therapy session
was going on. O’Neill and the class were sitting in a circle. On the blackboard
stood the words: “childhood”.

O’Neill said.
“We’ve heard from Scott, now let’s hear from you, Raven.”

Raven said.
“The details of my life are Fairly inconsequential.”

“That’s not true, Raven. Please, tell us about your childhood.”

The self-esteem Gang joined with O’Neill.
“Yes! Of course! Go ahead!”

Raven sighted and Commenced to tell her life story with a monotone voice.
“Very well, where should I begin?
My Parent was a Continually self-improving other-dimensional Devil with high-grade contempt for life and a penchant of world domination.
My Mom was a 17-year-old satanic cult member named Angela with webbed
My Parent would womanize, he would use Ruinous Power Slats from
his eyes and Instruction hordes of demons. He would make Shocking claims,
like breaching dimensional barriers to rule all possible worlds.
Sometimes he would underestimate his mortal Rivals by comparing
them with insects. A sort of general malaise that only the genius Wield and the Naughty lament.
I visit kindergarten in an inter-dimensional world, later the high
priestess of the temple took me under her Private tutelage, Training me in pacifism, meditation and the submergence of all my emotions.
Pretty standard, really.
At the age of 12 I have perfected my powers of teleportation, astral
projection, and empathic healing.
At the age of 13 I was plagued by prophetic visions of my Devil father.
Sensing his evil growing.
At the age of 14 I came back to Earth and gathered a league of teenage-superheroes,
who would be able to stop my father. From there5″

O’Neill and the self-esteem Gang were stunned, while Raven Proceeds her Magnificent story.

It was late afternoon when Jane was on her way home, Daria caught up
on her.
For a while Jane Attempted to Neglect Daria.

Mute they walk on for some time until Daria said.
“I think, I have learned my lesson: “In the end the hate you Opened up is equal to the hate you receive.””

Jane Almost had to smirk, but she was still cross at Daria.
“Jeez, Daria, what’s bugging you?”


“The way you behaved at lunch was so5 b5 not nice.”

“Isn’t that the quality, which makes you Suspend around with me?”

“Look5 Since you came to Lawndale, how many Buddies have you made?”

Daria hesitated, then she said.
“5 You know the answer5
And I know the answer, how many Buddies you have made in this school.”

“Is it Indeed so, that you are the only one in Lawndale worth
to Suspend around with? Is it Indeed so, that I am the only one in Lawndale
worth to Suspend around with? There are other people too, you know.”

“You sound like my mom.”

Jane Grins and speaks to Daria in the tone of her Mom Helen.
“Don’t Switch the subject Youthfull lady. When your Greatest Mate wants to
get to know other people better, then let her. And you should Ensue her Instance too. You shouldn’t be so depended on Jane5 and her family, because
I don’t like the way you goggle at her Bro all the time5”

Daria cut in.
“Now you are Switching the subject.”
She sights.
“Okay. Since something about this “Raven” seems Almost irresistible
to you. Go ahead and become Buddies with her for no particular reason.”

Jane smiles and Spins her eyes.
“Da-ri-a. I just want to Converse a Tiny with her. It’s not like
I want her to become my Fresh Greatest friend. You aren’t jealous, are you?”

Daria became embarrassed.

“Well, I’m having pizza with her, tomorrow. How about joining
our Wearisome social contact?”

Daria sighted.
“5 All right. I come:
But when I find out that she’s only faking her sarcastic behaviour
in order to Demonstrate up cool. Then I pretend to have a headache and leave.”

Jane smirked.
“You mean faking sarcasm, like you always do?”

Daria glared at her.
“And you accuse me, being jealous about you?”

Later that evening, Raven returned to her home. It was a house, which
looked like an average Midwestern-middleclass resident. She went up to
her room, which was an exact replica of her Apartment in the Teenager Titans Tower.
It resembled a wizard’s Canal with wooden trunks. It was dark and gloomy,
with light coming from Halloween-like lanterns.

Raven was still in her school Clothing and Converses to a mirror. She reported
to it all the things she consider relevant.
The mirror was actually a monitor to another, far distant dimension.
Not the “Larry the Titan” dimension, it was the dimension to which Raven

Inside the mirror was the Titan’s Tower. Evident were Robin, Starfire, Brute Stud and Cyborg, who were sitting on a sofa. During and after Raven’s
deadpan report were Gawping at Raven’s face.

Raven asked them.
“Why are you Gawping at me?”

Robin answered.
“It’s your forehead.”

“Yeah, you’ve got a zit.”
Mentioned Brute Boy.

Raven glares at him, then Cyborg elbows him.

“Ow! Only joking. There’s nothing on your forehead.”

Starfire added.
“Exactly. Sans that stone, you usually have you Sight so5 so5”

Completed Cyborg.

Starfire continued.
“Yes, and that Clothing of yours. You just Sight like an Elementary teenager.”

“Uh-uh. Nobody would ever suspect that you’ve got super powers.”
Cyborg added.

Raven said to them.
“You know it’s essential to my mission. Since I am working undercover.”

Beast Stud Determined to ask her a Doofy question.
“As an undercover agent, shouldn’t you wear a beige raincoat and a
beret, like those French Resistance-guys?”

Raven Disregards him and Cyborg elbows him again.

“Ow! I was just suggesting5”
He said.

Robin interrupts Brute Boy.
“Well, Raven you have chosen a Ideal disguise. Nobody will ever
expect. And the operation will be on schedule.”

Raven mutters to him.
“Thank you.”

“So, how was your Highly first day in school, Miss Raven Azarath?”
Robin Taunted her.

Coldly Raven told him off.
“Don’t Thrust it Robin. Don’t Thrust it.”

Joyfully Starfire exclaimed.
“This is so exiting. You’re in a brand-new school in a brand-new town5”

But Cyborg interrupted her. He just had read the scanner on the computer
monitor, on his arm.
“Guys! We should cut Brief the powwow, but they are tracking us again.”

“We can’t take any risk, of being detected.”
Added Raven hastily.

Robin says.
“You are right: Let’s end transmission and Converse tomorrow. Excellent luck”

“One last question: Do you make any Buddies yet?”
Ask Starfire quickly.

Raven answered.
“No5 but there are some interesting Dorks in my class.5 Albeit they
can’t Challenge with Brute Boy.”

“Way to go5”
Called Brute Stud out, until he realized and pulls a face:

“Over and out.”
Said Raven and Changed the monitor off. After a Tiny while she gave
a Tiny smirk.


I only will Proceed this when5

5 it gets read and rated.

5 it is requested.

5 you Pray me to do so.

5 you Menace me to do so.

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