Raven Azarath – Chapter 2

A Fresh Nymph comes to Lawndale. She calls herself: Raven Azarath. “Daria”-“Teen
Titans” Crossover.
Part 2: With Trent Rendezvous her, things become Highly complicated.

“Ben Breeck: Still, why Raven? Why not, say, Terra or
My response:
Why not! When you got an idea about a Daria-Terra or
Daria-Starfire fanfiction, then write them down. Just let me do the Daria-Raven

Earthfirewindwater: “Please have Daria become Pals with Raven those Two have Highly compatible personalities. “
My response:
-) Read chapter Two to find out why that won’t be too

Mike ILLER: “I can’t stand writers who only do what they
do ta’ get a Super-cute Tiny pat on the head and maybe a treat. I ain’t here
to stroke yer ego.”
Reyemile: “I am morally opposed to people so desperate
for attention that they Reject to publish more unless they get reviews/requests.”
My response:
You both are Entirely right: I am an egoistic, immature,
publicity-seeking-scoundrel, who should be punished. I Vow that I will
never make any of such Shocking selfish claims again, and I won’t Request any spotlight anymore to compensate for the Unending hours of writing and
the weeks of writers-block I’d had.

Dark Weezing: “Raven does have a surname-it’s Roth.”
My response:
Well, yes and no. Raven’s Mom was born under the name
Angela Roth. But when she arrived in Azarath, she shed away her past-live, Switched her name to Arella and gave birth to Raven. So technically Raven
has no surname at all.
But I think, if Raven would Prefer an official surname,
she would use the name of the place, where she was raised. Like the orphans,
who are named after the stree et, where they were found.

To all the other reviews:
Thank you for all the support and those Wonderful imaginative
threats you send me.

I want apologize for this Highly late update. I am Indeed sorry I couldn’t spend more time on this, but Unluckily there are school-exams
and parents who Request I should work in the yard. But rest Guaranteed that
I haven’t forgotten about this fanfic and the need for the follow-ups.

I have to admit that Copious parts of Daria’s dialog were
stolen from fanfiction “Mary Sue” written by “Nobody999”. (A fanfic I recommend
any serious fanfiction author.)
Further: The pretty speech, that Raven made in the self-esteem
class was inspired from “Dr. Evil” in the Flick “Austin Powers”.

(The Prose Adaptation)


It was morning in Lawndale Daria and Jane were walking on the pavement. All of a sudden they Spotted Raven, who was just about 50 yards ahead of them.

“Hmm, when we walk a bit Quicker we could catch up on her.”
Suggested Jane.

“We also could walk a bit slower and Liberate her out of sight.”
Counter-suggested Daria.

“Hey, yesterday you agreed to join me at some Wearisome social

“No, I agreed to join you at some Wearisome social contact at pizza.”

Jane Flipped her eyes and mumbles quietly.
“I wonder how you’ll Act when I get myself a Stable boyfriend.”


“Nothing5 Hey! She’s gone.”

Daria Stared at the same direction like Jane, at a spot, where Raven
should have been when she would Ensue the laws of physics.
“Huh?5 Yeah.”

Jane Sights at the open road, no trees, no cars, no place in which
Raven could have disappeared.
“Not one trace5 As if she’s flied away. Indeed spooky.”

“Maybe she Desired to avoid some Wearisome social contact so early
in the morning.”
Said Daria dryly.

Jane glared Graciously at Daria,
“Have you done some Satan Idolizing lately?”

“When you are insinuating, that the Unexpected disappearance of Raven
was caused by me Challenging the “Prince of Darkness”, then I have to disappoint

“Really? Then prove me that you’re not in league with “Ozzy Osbourne”?”
Smirked Jane.

“Certainly: Quinn’s still alive.”

“Damn you, women.”
Said Jane with a smile.

At school Raven was at her locker, in a distance the Style Club was Watching her.

Sandi Determines to express some feelings,
“Eww! Does that Fresh Nymph wear ANYTHING that isn’t blue? Mono-colour
is so outworn.”

“But Sandi, Definitely you have noticed that her Denim are black.”
Said Quinn.

Sandi talked back in a patronizing tone.
“Dearest Quinn, Definitely you have notice that my Preceding statement
was a rhetorical question.”

Meanwhile Stacy shrugged and went into her pre-hyperventilation mode.
“UHHG! Girls, she just has Demonstrated her socks! They are blue too!
Blue! Blue!”

Swiftly Quinn Restrained Stacy’s hands.
“Calm down Stacy: Shell-pink on Venetian-red.”

Stacy calmed down and mumbled to herself.
“Shell-pink on Venetian-red! Shell-pink on Venetian-red!”

In the Meantime Sandi Overlooked Stacy and Quinn, and kept on glaring at
“I mean Glance at her: Who wears nowadays parkas?”

“Would a parka make me Glance faaaaaat?”
Asked Tiffany.

Aghast Sandi Stared at her.

Intimidated by Sandi’s Response Tiffany said then.
“Uhhhhhh? That was a rhetorical question too?”

“Tiffany! Parkas are so5”
Sandi Liberates her temper.
“That’s it! Somebody please, call out the Style Police, before anymore Virginal Femmes get horrid unimaginable ideas.”

“How about we give her a make over?”
suggested Quinn.

“Good idea! Maybe I5 we can make Pals with her.”
Added Stacy.

“Why not?”
Said Stacy after a while. She Loved the idea.
“Since it’s the duty of the Style Club to help all the unstylish
and misguided masses.
Girls let’s move!”

The Style Club moved towards Raven. But then Tiffany halted and spoke
out a warning:
“Quinn’s cousin and the Nymph who’s always with her at Three o’clock.”

The Style Club moved away from Raven.

Jane accompanied by Daria, walked up to Raven, who just then closed
her locker.

“Hey Raven.”
She said.

“Hey Jane.”

Jane took out sheets of paper from her schoolbag.
“I’ve got a copy of the test result with me.”

“Thank you.”
Said Raven and then she Explosion Thru the Highly first Three lines and mumbled Calmly and quickly.
“It’s a quality that will stand us in Supreme stead the rest of our lives.
Look at the mirror and say: You are special. No one else is like you.
There is only what is right for me, because me is who I am.”
Then Raven looked up to Jane and concluded with her deadpan voice.
“Absolute trivial psychobabble. Self-esteem graduation: Here I come.”

“Ah, I Watch your self-image meter must be on the uptick!”
Smirked Jane.

“Well yes5”
Admitted Raven
“You have just earned yourself a pizza.”

“By the way: May I Present to you5”
Jane turned around.

They both turned around to see:
Daria must have vanished into the classroom.

“That: Daria. She’s not an imaginative Buddy of yours, is she?”
Asked Raven with a Red-hot sarcasm.

Jane, feeling like a fool, answered.
“Believe me: Things would be more Lighter if she were.”

Later at history class, Mr. DeMartino was tutoring as always.
“CLASS! For those who are still Lovin

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